Olivia Smooth "O" Shape Vase
Olivia Smooth "O" Shape Vase
Olivia Smooth "O" Shape Vase
Olivia Smooth "O" Shape Vase

Olivia Smooth "O" Shape Vase

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  • 1 Piece
  • Double Ear Vase
  • White sand finish
  • Pinched, hammered and etched textures
  • One-of-a-kind pieces
  • Modern and minimalist design
  • Neutral colourway

For the Pullen & Co kindred spirits; these one-of-a-kind Ethical And Handcrafted White Ceramics elegantly elevate any living space to simply *breathe* - adding a touch of calm and serenity to traditional home living.

From the modern and minimalist design to the polished and pinched texture, each one of these chic ceramics proves unique in its own way and of course, come finely finished with the Pullen & Co signature to the base.

These 100% stoneware clay ceramics have been ethically handcrafted using both traditional and modern techniques - boasting an utterly unique form and texture that will undeniably add richness to any living space.

From our home to yours, we are insanely proud to be offering these Ethical And Handcrafted White Ceramics in Australia and New Zealand, in a whole variety of finishes, all tied together with a neutral colourway and warm brass underlying shine of nickel.

Simple. Stylish. Sophisticated. Purchase as a charming gift or why not treat yourself to a much-needed dose of serene living with modern home styling ideas such as this one…